A humanitarian aid drone

I was honored to work with VAYU on this promotional video for their Courier UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle).   These humanitarian-minded aircraft are made right here in Ypsilanti, MI, in a hangar at the Willow Run Airport.  In WWII, bombers were made in this very place, and now it's being used to build crafts for good.   Learn more about what VAYU does or get in touch at

I love working on videos that really work to promote wellness in the world.  The word 'drone' can have a bad reputation, but the wonderful people at VAYU show how this technology could alleviate suffering and work on global problems.  Like helping to control outbreaks of diseases.  A craft like this could have reached many more people with symptoms of Ebola, for example, who didn't have accessible roads.  

My husband Peter Leix is an excellent aerial cinematographer, so when their need for this video aligned so well with two of our biggest creative loves: animation + aerial cinematography work, we felt thankful as ever that we are doing what we do.