Title Sequence:
Uncle jessie white: portrait of a delta bluesman
in detroit 

 This  web documentary portrays the life and legacy of the Detroit blues musician Jessie White (1920-2008). 
It depicts a journey that carries the viewer from the Jim Crow South, in the 1920s, to the 1930s juke joints in Mississippi, and finally to the post-war blues scene in Detroit. 
   This web documentary will educate the viewer on the many automotive workers who migrated from the south and brought their rich cultural and social music
traditions with them.  As a viewer you will be introduced to automotive and assembly line workers that practiced their musical craft on the weekends,
after long days in the plants.  You will learn about southerntraditions of weekend long blues sessions, which continued to be carried out in
Uncle Jessie White's home on 29th street in Detroit for over 10 years.