the experience manager

This is an incredible startup in Denver, Colorado who is going to revolutionize the way we think about customer service.   They were looking for a way to make their website memorable and fun to use, and we got to really dream on ways to use animation to do just that. Working with their warm, person-based philosophy and their fun color palette, I had a great time creating a lively (and informative!) set of animations for them.

For the front of their website, they had honed in on some powerful statistics about the power of good customer service.  I created the animations below to visualize them.   On the Experience Manager website, you can see these animations as they're activated by the hover of your mouse.  


Businesses that grow their customer retention rates by as little as 5% see profit increases ranging from 25% to 95%.

- Source: Bain & Company


On average, happy customers tell nine people
about their experiences with a company.

- Source: American Express


86% of customers will pay more for a better customer experience.

- Source: American Express


We also wanted a fun, animated way to communicate the three steps to getting started with the Experience manager.  This is a gif that's also activated by a mouse hover, but the three are activated as one.   See it in action here

Three Steps Gif.gif

Have you ever sat on a website that took a while to load?  Sometimes there's no way around it - the Experience Manager has one moment deep into the software where a lot of information has to be processed at once, and for now there's a 4-12 second wait.  I created this custom page loader for them to make the wait fun.  As a user of the website, you would be thinking about what experiences you want to build for YOUR customers - so we came up with a visualization of that crowd experiencing surprise, awe, love - or whatever you see in their faces. 

Loading Animation_v3.gif

For the front page of the website, the guys at the Experience Manager wanted an ambitious, expansive image that expressed the idea of unity.   When I was first learning about their software, they said 'Imagine that all of the touchpoints your clients have to your business are different sections of a symphony.  Online presence - communication with them - my payment systems - the delivery of the product itself - their overall happiness - all of these are dealt with separately.  We want to create a dashboard where they can all be seen together, measured, and synced up.  But your management of all of these experiences are totally separate right now.  How would it sound if you tried to conduct an orchestra, but all the sections were in different rooms?' 

I brought the visual vocabulary that I've created for them into a formal theatre, not forgetting their signature bright pops of neon color.  

TEM - Symphony - v3.png