flint the film

winner of the 2014 ned dybvig memorial award

Directed, filmed, and produced by Peter Leix, this film is a personal look into individuals who have devoted their lives to make the city of Flint, Michigan better. 

"Heartfelt and Generous." -Ken Burns

This film was borne from a special relationship between the filmmaker and the city of Flint.  Peter Leix grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  He was raised in the Jehovah’s Witness religion.  He had to go door-to-door as a child, repeating speeches from the bible that he was too young to understand, but secretly knowing that he hated it.  He was excluded from sports, and never got to celebrate a birthday.  About an hour away, he had family in Flint.  When he would visit, he would step out of the environment of the church, where higher education was vilified, and where the whole world would end soon anyway.  He had a very creative uncle who crafted a world of freedom and creativity, so while the city itself was crumbling, Flint became a jumping-off point for the filmmaker to re-orient himself and create the life he wanted.

“Flint” takes the viewer along with this story as a starting point.  As a nod of thanks, the film is a showcase for several endearing individuals in Flint who today endeavor to create positivity and change.   Dewana, who has fostered a dozen kids and become the family they never had.  Mr. Roberts, who is a community organizer and motivational center for others, despite his own serious health condition.  Ray, who overcame abuse and neglect in his childhood to become a police officer.   The personalities that the film follow unfold to reveal some very personal and moving stories, shining light into the dark image that Flint holds.

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